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A Final Round Of Draft Predictions

Over at the Official Site, the crew has assembled a roundup of predicted draft picks. The list actually features a sensible collection of picks, with the sole exception of Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News, who sees the Falcons getting CB Leon Hall. Unless Jimmy Williams shows up to practice with his helmet on backwards and missing key limbs, we'll probably pass on young Leon.

But I don't think I've really addressed Okoye before, so I'll do that now. I think Amobi Okoye will be a star at the NFL level, no question. But I also think he's probably at least two years away from that. Part of that is less his fault than a function of his age; coaches are very likely to go slow with him unless they blow him away. If the Falcons could afford to do that (and maybe they can), Okoye would be a very smart pick. But I see DT being slightly less of a need than safety or o-line, so I'm not expecting them to take him unless he's the best player available. If he is, well...pick the dude.