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The Draft in the Sky Keeps on Turning: Picks #5-#7

Well, the draft just keeps on trucking. Here's a brief look at the last three picks (and then comes mine!), and as always, head over to Field Gulls for some excellent coverage of our draft at large.

#5: Arizona Cardinals select OT Levi Brown- In my estimation, a great pickup for the Cardinals. After years of stockpiling wide receivers, quarterbacks, and running backs, there's actually a move to fill up their most glaring offensive weakness: that damn line. I know it's a shocker to see the Cardinals do something that makes sense, but credit to our guest blogger Jeff Gollin for being smarter than the real front office. Excellent pick.

#6: Washington Redskins select DE Jamaal Anderson- Another wise pickup. The Redskins have some dynamic players in the secondary, but their upfront D could use an infusion of youth and talent. Enter Jamaal Anderson, who I honestly think is the most talented end in the draft. We could've used him, of course, but the Redskins made the smart decision here. Anderson should step right in and see plenty of snaps, and I don't think it's a reach to say he could be a six-to-eight sack guy in his first tour through the league.


#7: Minnesota Vikings select RB Adrian Peterson - To me, this might be the biggest surprise of the draft so far. Yet I see this working out in much the same way the Saints had it go this year: the older workhorse (Chester Taylor) and the young, exciting back (Peterson) splitting carries to create a pretty devastating attack. Obviously Gonzo was looking at the most talented player on the board, and he came up with Peterson's name. It's fair to argue that they didn't really need Peterson, but it'd be pretty easy to flip Taylor for another need if the young guy catches on. I like this pick, I have to say.

Coming up in just a little while: who I picked. Even though it's pretty obvious.