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Mock Draft Action, Comin' At Ya

Got my grubby mitts on Dave Goldberg's second effort on a mock draft for the Associated Press, and it's pleasing to me:

8. ATLANTA. The Falcons need a pass rusher. But LaRON LANDRY is an impact safety (literally) and he can blitz.

Hey, we agree! It's quickly becoming a consensus around the interwebs that we will indeed select Landry, thanks no doubt to my efforts.

Please, let me think that. It would make me happy.

Anyways, here's a look at some other drafts around the league, starting with the NFL Draft Countdown:

After losing Patrick Kerney, one of their best players, as a free agent defensive end is a huge need and when you factor in John Abraham's inability to stay healthy this pick really makes a lot of sense. Jamaal Anderson hasn't gotten a lot of national attention but he is a premier prospect who is coming off a junior season in which he tallied 19.5 tackles for a loss and 13.5 sacks.

I think Anderson's the obvious choice if Landry isn't there, which in this particular draft he's not. So I can go along with that. Less likely by a long shot (I hope) is Doc's Sports Services:

2. Atlanta Falcons - Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech
Yup, I said it. In an interview with an Atlanta radio station following the Matt Schaub trade, Rich McKay cryptically referenced the "home-grown player" out there even though the question was about something else entirely. I don't know why, but I felt like that was a tell.

Without being too much of a dink, this guy has no idea what he's talking about. I also don't think the Falcons should, as he suggests, piss away their two second round picks and swap their first round pick for yet ANOTHER receiver, no matter how good he's supposed to be. I consider this very unlikely. Descending through the basement into the sub-basement of "no friggin way" is the projection from Football's Future, which calls for the Falcons to take LB Patrick Willis, despite the fact that our linebacking corps is probably one of the stronger ones in the league. Bit of a reach there, guys.

And finally, over at Huddle Geeks they have an intriguing sleeper pick that seems much more likely to me than Johnson or Willis: Adrian Peterson.

He will eventually take over for Warrick Dunn and give the Falcons a young and powerful 1, 2 punch at the RB position. This pick would drive down the value for all of the Falcons backs in 2007, but Petersons value in keeper leagues will be great, since he an all-around good back and the Falcons love to run the ball.

Peterson would definitely be a big time guy to get if Landry was off the board, but I think we'd need the defensive end more. My opinion, my preference and my conviction is that LaRon Landry will be the pick, but there's certainly some different opinions out there.

What do you think?