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Falcons Narrow QB Competition to Four

I bet many of you were sitting around today saying "I wonder what's going to happen to James Kilian now that the Falcons have Michael Vick, Joey Harrington, Chris Redman and D.J. Shockley all hissing and scratching for a roster spot?" Well, the Official Site brings sad news: he's been waived.

Oh, the cruel humanity!

But anyways, that means there's now basically four QBs competing for what damn well better be only three spots. Here's a quick look at what each QB brings to the team...

Vick: Pros- A laser-guided rocket of an arm, more crazy legs than Elroy Hirsch, incredible marketability, tricksy water bottles.
Cons- "Finesse" button only goes between underthrow and overthrow, always looks to run first, gets into trouble with his two-finger salute, costs a hojillion dollars.
Roster Chances: 100%

Harrington: Pros- Is capable of making good reads, has experience, isn't worse than Doug Johnson.
Cons- Routinely makes mistakes that suck the soul out of a fan's body, is named "Joey", probably isn't as good as Matt Schaub.
Roster Chances: 90%

Shockley Pros- Smart kid, makes pretty good reads, moves well in the pocket, has plenty of time to grow into a good QB, has one of the best names in the NFL.
Cons- Is a total unknown with no experience, sometimes seemed a bit overwhelmed in college.
Roster Chances: 75%

Redman Pros- Personally knows Pet Rhino, had success in college, makes a mean souffle.
Cons- Not a good QB, will not make the roster if anyone on that damn team has an ounce of sense.
Roster Chances: 10%

So that's my breakdown. What do you guys think?