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VT Suffers A Tragedy

There's nothing I can say that can change what happened or make anything better, and that's not my goal. But I still want to say, somehow, that my heart goes out to everyone at Virginia Tech, where life is obviously never going to be the same again. It absolutely enrages me that something this horrible can happen and instantly everyone from radio hosts to Jack Thompson can throw their theories out there. I'm begging these people to leave it alone, with so many suffering and grieving. This isn't a time to put a face or a voice out there, no time to let the jackals circle the carnage for a taste of fame. This is a time to do what little we really can and show respect and love to everyone involved in the face of something truly monstrous. It's easy to be desensitized to the constant stream of hatred and violence we see on a daily basis, but it's important to remember that these were people. People with hopes and dreams and breath like our own. People who have been cruelly robbed of their lives.

Rest in peace.