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Second Round, Second Pick: Charles Johnson

When I looked at the poll about which position we should draft next, I realized I had let y'all down by picking an offensive lineman instead of the requested defensive lineman. Fortunately for me, I was in a position to get both players I wanted in exactly the spots I wanted. After snapping up Ugoh in front of the angry jaws...beak...whatever of the Cardinals, I moved to get a hometown boy. He's not Calvin Johnson, but I think Georgia DE Charles Johnson will fit in quite nicely with the Falcons.

You can find his prospect profile here, but I can tell you all you need to know about him. He's the kind of slightly undersized, speedy, and smart defensive end that consistently finds his way to the quarterback. I don't necessarily expect him to be a run-stopping force in his first year or two in the league, but I think he's got the capacity to learn that. Instead, I think he's going to create opportunities for Abraham/ Davis/ Mallard/ Carrington/ whoever on the other side of him, because you just cannot ignore Charles Johnson. I realize some people will criticize this choice because he was opposite Quentin Moses, who got a lot of double team looks. But I think we should ignore critics and let the kid play end, where he's a natural and where I think a little seasoning will make him into a Pro Bowl caliber guy. Let Chauncey Davis switch out with him for his first year and get him adjusted, and then let him loose. I don't think he'll disappoint us.

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