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Falcons Even Closer to Signing Joe Horn

ESPN 's sources are reporting that Joe Horn might as well be a Falcon. They're also reporting, as I suspected, that Joe Horn would be the #1 receiver when he came here. Folks, no matter how well Joe Horn does next year, that's still a sad, sad statement on the condition of our receiving corps. I know some people will think that means I don't like or respect Joe Horn. Au contraire. Anybody with the melon-sized cojones to pull off the cell phone celebration and face the wrath of the mighty No Fun League is OK by me. And he has been a talented, fairly consistent receiver most of his career. I just don't think he can be The Man anymore. Given the state of our receivers, though, Horn does represent an upgrade, and that's probably all I should be asking for.

Update [2007-3-7 22:37:54 by Dave the Falconer]:BGN Jason actually broke this story while I was still driving home from work, so full credit to him for completely beating me to the punch. He says Horn is "proven", which is absolutely true. I guess I should clarify that my major concern with Horn is the red zone, where he's fallen off the wagon a bit with only 5 TDs the last two years. But we do have Jenkins and Crumpler for that, and there's no saying Horn himself won't retool that image a bit. The one thing that Horn can do is catch, and that alone should make me more excited about this. I'll see if I can work some pep up, but no promises. Again, big time hat tip to Jason for that one.