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Seahawks Get Kerney

Courtesy of my esteemed colleague Shrug at Field Gulls comes this report that the Seahawks have signed Patrick Kerney to a 6-year deal. My reaction was  less like a punch to the gut than maybe a well-swung pillow. We all knew as soon as he declared for free agency that he wouldn't be coming back, but it's still bitter to see him go. I always liked Kerney and his style of play, and I always will. It's just going to be strange seeing him in something other than the red and black. Best of luck to him, though.  I won't be petty until he actually plays us, and then I'm sure I'll totally diss on him.

But go congratulate Seahawks fans on this one. They pulled off almost the same contract we gave Ovie Mughelli, and that's quite a statement indeed.