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Porkchop and The Artist Formerly Known As Will Peterson

AJC is reporting that the Falcons might get Floyd "Porkchop" Womack and William Peterson. Neither of these are real impact signings. Given how quickly the Falcons have brought in new bodies after swinging the axe, I have to believe Womack will be the first to sign. He's an extreme injury risk, but he's one of those enormous line cloggers--his freakin' nickname is Porkchop!--that Pet Rhino's new system is asking for. William James probably isn't fantastic anymore, so I can't see that being more than a depth signing, unless the team really doesn't think Jimmy Williams is ready to step in. My gut says that both of these bargain-bin type deals will go down in the next week or so, just because these are areas of need and the Falcons can then concentrate on some more important areas in the draft. Let's just hope neither of them are asking for much money.