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If The Season Began Today, Here's Our Starters

Pretty self-explanatory. It's not like it's terribly difficult to make these calls, but I'm going to plug in everybody with a short description of why I think they'll start. I think it's useful to look at a skeleton roster and figure out where everybody's going to go until the draft and perhaps a couple more weeks of free agency. So without further ado:

QB: Michael Vick. He has the fattest contract, he sells tickets, and Pet Rhino thinks he can turn him around. He'll start.
HB: Warrick Dunn. Sure, he's slipping a little, but he's still capable of a 1,000 yard season as long as injuries don't limit him. Norwood's breathing down his neck, though.
FB: Ovie Mughelli. He's the most expensive fullback, oh I dunno, ever. He starts.
WR: Michael Jenkins and Roddy White. Kinda depressing, I guess. But in terms of raw talent, these two are the best on the roster. Hopefully Adam Jennings gets some more looks and we land another reliable vet.
TE: Alge Crumpler. The obvious choice. Even if we get Reggie Kelly, he won't compete for playing time with arguably our best player.
T: Quinn Ojinnaka and Todd Weiner. Weiner has been steady on Vick's blindside for a while now, and I don't think the team will take him out this year. I fully expect to see the promising Ojinnaka earn a starting spot, however. If he doesn't, I guess I'm going to have to question the team's commitment to overhauling that line, because Ojinnaka has the drive and the size that be a force at tackle.
G: Tyson Clabo and Matt Lehr. I'm not really sure what to make of Lehr starting, but I think Clabo proved he could be solid. The team will have to sign a hulking guard before they can peel Lehr off the spot he's been such a steroid-riddled force at for the last few years.
C: Todd McClure. There are no other options, even if I personally think McClure wasn't as good last year as he's been in years past. The team should look hard at a center in the later rounds of the draft.

DE John Abraham and Chauncey Davis. Judging from the last poll, many of you don't like Chauncey Davis as much as I do. I think he's a 6 sack guy with a solid presence, which could make him an ideal placeholder for a draft pick learning the league. Abraham starts because he is a monster when he's healthy, but if he's hurt, we're woefully think again.
DT Rod Coleman and Tommy Jackson. This was a really tough one to call. I don't know what the hell's going to happen to Babineaux, Grady Jackson is a year older and fatter, and Shropshire clearly isn't a starter. I think T. Jax could sneak up on some people and steal the starting job, but this is a woefully uneducated guess at best.
LB Michael Boley, Jordan Beck, and Keith Brooking. Now that's what I'm talking about. Brooking is older but remains a force to be reckoned with, Boley is our most underrated defender by a long shot, and I think Beck will slide right into the hole left by Ed Hartwell. Demorrio Williams should be re-signed and will probably see backup duty at all three spots due to his speed.
CB: DeAngelo Hall and Jimmy Williams. The only starting duo that makes any sense. Williams has potential and Hall is still a Pro Bowl corner as long as he's trying. Without a steal in free agency, expect to see those two opposite each other in the season opener.
S: Lawyer Milloy and Chris Crocker. This is one that almost certainly will change. The Falcons should be considering a safety in the top three rounds, and that guy will almost certainly replace Crocker. If they somehow don't, then we're once again left with a pair of safeties who can't cover anyone. And that would be aggravating, to say the least.
K: Morten Andersen. For the love of God, the man drives a horse and buggy to the stadium. Draft someone else!
P: Michael Koenen. He took some real steps back last year, I thought. His rookie season that leg looked like it was made of cast iron, but the dual strain of kicking and punting apparently messed with his head. Hopefully he'll return to form this year.

So that's that. Your thoughts?