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Them Cursed Bucs

In what I can only describe as a puzzling move, our bottom-dwelling division rivals decided to pick up both Jake "The Snake" Plummer and Jeff "The Salamander" Garcia. As JScott over at Buc 'Em aptly notes, that brings the total number of Buc QBs up to five. Without pouring a heaping helping of sea salt in the wound, that also makes five distinctly average quarterbacks on one team. Clearly, the Bucs aren't stupid enough to carry that many QBs into the season, so perhaps they're planning to send Plummer to the Texans? Maybe Gruden's going to have Luke McCown give him piggy-back rides all over the stadium? Because let's face it, otherwise I believe our esteemed rivals have made a really dumb move, given the nearly $10 million in cap invested in Plummer and Garcia alone. And I think we can all agree that from a Falcons' standpoint, that would be pretty terrific.

Right up until we end up taking Jake Plummer, of course.