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The Draft In the Sky Keeps on Turning

Picks three and four went pretty damn quickly. Here's a little synopsis on both. Of course you should all visit Field Gulls for more on the draft in general, including some of my relatively mild rants in the comments section.

#3: Cleveland Browns select T Joe Thomas- Considering the Browns have been religiously upgrading their offensive line, this may seem like a strange pick. Yet it's also a safe one. This is a team that has struggled to protect the quarterback or produce a great running game for quite some time, and Thomas looks like the kind of smart, lumbering guy you want protecting the QB's blind side (where I assume he'll be). Of course, we all remember the debacle of Robert Gallery and realize that the Browns have some pretty pressing needs on defense. But I believe this was another positive step for the Browns in trying to get their offense in order.

#4: Detroit Lions select DE Gaines Adams- I'm still not entirely sure Detroit would ever consider rolling downhill two slots for such a meager bounty, but clearly the Bucs and the Lions both would come out better for it. The Lions need a consistent, powerful edge rushing threat, and Adams is probably no more than a year of seasoning away from being a pretty terrific defensive end. He's got an excellent motor and a good nose for the QB (they smell like crushing!), so I can't argue with this pick at all. He should step right in and provide a different dimension to the Lion's pass attack. Of course, this assumes Matt Millen is actually smart enough to do this...and he's not. Sorry, Lions fans.

Next up at #5 is the Arizona Cardinals, who are trying to trade out of their spot like it's engulfed in flames. I'll keep you posted on that, and as always, Field Gulls has got you covered.