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Free Agent Waiting Game

I don't expect the Falcons to be extremely active in free agency with their cap numbers, but it looks like they're wooing a couple players besides Joe Horn. I'm kind of interested in former Bengals tight end Reggie Kelly (yes, the same Reggie Kelly we blew a second round pick on in '99) because he's become a solid receiving and blocking end since fleeing Atlanta in disgrace. He certainly would represent an upgrade behind Crumpler, though I wouldn't expect him to challenge Alge for any playing time. The Falcons are also looking at Bengals linebacker Marcus Wilkins, which would be purely a depth move designed to replace Ike Reese. They're being unexpectedly aggressive given the small amount of money left to work with, but Mughelli, Kelly, Wilkins and maaaaybe Horn wouldn't be a half bad free agent class, unless the draft goes gruesomely wrong.

Speaking of which, Rich McKay is being cagey with the press over the prospect of grabbing Calvin Johnson:

When asked if he's ever had to move up seven or eight spots to get a player, McKay had some fun with the question.

"I can't hear you," McKay said.

After hearing the question again, he said, "Just kidding. You can speculate all you want."

My hunch is no dice. Johnson is a clear talent who would help our receiving corps immensely, but the Falcons really need too many things to blow a pair of high draft picks and a player on a single receiver. With the 10th pick, the Falcons can grab either an end or a safety, and wait for a later round and try to steal a reasonably talented receiver. If you ask me, it's too much to risk for Calvin Johnson, especially based on the misguided notion that receivers generally have a massive impact their first year in the league. Oh, and he's local. So let's assume that's playing a role.