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Thursday Is Nation Day

Though we're the lonely, wintry outpost of the Falcons, it's nice to sometimes reach out into the vast metropolis that is SBNation and see what's-a-going down. Here's some news from around the SBNatty:

Buc 'Em: Jerry Rice praises local product Calvin Johnson, politely waves his metaphorical middle finger at Reggie Ball.

Bleeding Green Nation: Freshly named BleedGreen (I'm considering a name shift myself; weigh in on that if you'd like) takes a look back at the Eagles''06 draft class...and he's got mixed feelings about it.

Cincy Jungle: A surprisingly throwback quote from Levi Jones about his fight with Joey Porter. The guy sounds like he should be calling Porter a "villainous mountebank."

Turf Show Times: Van Ram weighs in on Goodell's new conduct policy. The tree has yet to bear fruit on that code of honor.

Daily Norseman: Gonzo might have a slight issue with ESPN Ultimate Franchise Ranking. Given that the Falcons showed up past 100 on that list, I'm thinking a little channeling of some viking blood and perhaps some pillaging of the Bristol offices (I call Kruk's stash of Chips Ahoy!) isn't out of the quesion.

And as always, be sure to stop by all our sites for updates on...well, everything.