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Jimmy Williams Will Start! YES!

I wanted to devote a separate post for what is clearly awesome news. With Mora & Co. gone, the loyalty to the abomination that is Jason Webster is gone with them. That means Jimmy Williams will be getting the start, courtesy of the AJC. Lot of interesting notes in this one, in fact. Let's roll on through:

Jimmy Williams: A clear talent who just needs a chance to prove it. He'll make his share of mistakes, but Hall and Williams at the corners is far from a bad thing.

Chauncey Davis: Will probably start no matter what the Falcons do with their picks, but could be in trouble if they waste, err, spend their first round pick on an end. More than likely, however, he's ready to step in and be solid.

Brian Finneran: With all the receivers signed recently, could be the odd man out if he's slightly unhealthy. Don't expect more than a 4th receiver showing out of him until he proves he's back on the saddle.

Daniel Fells: Yawn. Pretty talented kid, but doesn't figure to see much more than spot duty backing up Crumpler or playing some H-back.

Mike Vick: 65% of passes completed? Perhaps you've been into Vick's water bottle, Mr. Pet Rhino.