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Grady Jackson? More Like Greedy Jackson

Let's say, hypothetically, that you are an enormous man. You are unhappy with the contract you're playing under, because as an enormous man you plugged the heart of the line like so much bad cholesterol. So you create an elaborate ruse and actually sue your employers on the basis that they released private information about you. It is likely that you are telling an enormous lie, and what you really want is an enormous contract.

Courtesy of the AJC, Grady Jackson is doing exactly that. Implausibly, he actually tells D. Orlando Ledbetter that he actually wants to play for the team next year. I'm going to suspend disbelief and say he's really suing about team officials leaking false information. It's not that I totally blame him for raising a ruckus about it, but there's no way in hell he thinks he's suing this team and then playing for them next year. If you sue your best buddy but tell all your other friends that you'd like to go on a camping trip with him next year, nobody's buying what you're selling. Yet I can only assume Grady Jackson isn't that dumb.

That leaves one logical conclusion, which is that Jackson's attempting to force his way out of town and earn more money. He probably could've better accomplished that through the use of the Lance Briggs Memorial "Bitch and Moan" tactic, but okay. The man chooses what he wants. And of course, the false physical information supposedly prevented Grady Jackson from not getting a bigger contract...instead of the fact that he was overweight and seemingly declining in Green Bay. Right. Personally, I can't see this lawsuit going anywhere, but if he's right and he was falsely portrayed...sue away. I hope for the best. But there's a pretty damn good chance Grady Jackson isn't returning to Atlanta next year, and I think that's the way he wants it.

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