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Falcons Lay Off Rattay; Spurned QB Weeps

I find it kind of funny that Steve Wyche actually sounds puzzled in his article, considering it wasn't that long ago at all that the Falcons appeared to be in hot pursuit of Tim Rattay. Yet the AJC is reporting that the Falcons would rather, you know, play the field, scout their options. It's nothing personal, Tim. They'll call you...maybe.

Ian Scott is also off the board, but I never actually expected that to materialize (as evidenced by my slackerish non-reporting of it). The Falcons are now clearly going in a different direction for another backup/ practice Perseus to throw in with Shockley and Redman. I'm really hoping it's David Carr, but given the chance he'll have to possibly start somewhere else, I'm leaning toward Anthony Wright.