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Falcons Play on Thanksgiving Day

The Falcons get to play the Colts on Thanksgiving this year, which could be an extremely exciting game. It's too damn bad it's going to be on the NFL Network, which precludes a lot of poor schlubs (myself soon to be included) from watching it. Sure, we'll figure out some way to hijack the game, but the tryptophan is going to make us sluggish. Before you know it, we'll be watching curling and be too full to even click the remote.

But obviously this is a big deal; a national exposure game against a great team on Thanksgiving is something that's sure to have Arthur Blank doing jumping jacks around his office. If the team's doing really well around there, so much the better. Big ups to my man Phinatic at The Phinsider for posting info on some of the announced televised games.

See? I made it through that whole post without making a turkey joke. I'm getting better.