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Joe Theismann Gone From Booth; Millions Rejoice

Joe Theismann is a member of an elite class of announcers that are nearly universally hated. He takes over games, he's one of the most accomplished ass-kissers in the business, and he even manages to sound insufferable. From

Ron Jaworski will join Mike Tirico and Tony Kornheiser on the ESPN telecast. Jaworski replaces Joe Theismann, who has been offered a prominent football analyst job with the network.

I hope "high profile football analyst job" means "scrubbing the toilets." Seriously. Theismann is about a thousand times less annoying when he's writing little capsules on the NFL compared to when he's opening his yapper. Jaworski is a far more intense guy who I believe can actually call a game without sticking his nose right down the fifty yard line. I'm not sorry to see Theismann go, but I think a booth that featured say Dick Vermeil, Dave Attell and Jaworski would probably be about a thousand times better than what we have. Make it happen, Norby Williamson!