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The Tim Rattay Way

The Falcons are apparently not done stockpiling backup QB candidates like weapons of mass destruction. According to the AJC, it looks like Tim Rattay, who actually has surprisingly decent career numbers (60% completion, 28 TDs and 20 INTs) could be next in line. He makes a lot more sense than Chris Redman or Jeff George, but it sort of makes me scratch my head as to why Redman's getting a shot in the first place. He doesn't necessarily have the potential of a Shockley or the experience of a Rattay, so he must be there for either competitive fodder or to remember the good times with Petrino.

Redman: Hey, remember when I was good?
Petrino: Yeah, those were good times.

The other possible candidate mentioned in the story is Anthony Wright, who was the first name I heard mentioned. As long as we're not grabbing both Rattay and Wright, I'm fine with that.