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Hell No, Not Jeff George

Courtesy of AOL Fanhouse, there's this completely inexplicable rumor about the Falcons signing Jeff George as a backup. There are so many reasons that this shouldn't happen that I my head might actually explode trying to choose just one. Ignore the fact that the team just signed Chris Redman and already has D.J. Shockley. If you're going to go for a real backup, you pass right over Jeff George. I know Jason Whitlock grabs the pom-poms every time the guy comes up, and I understand going to bat for a friend. But I'm not interested in an old guy who hasn't played in a league setting in years. I'm interested in seeing Shockley ascend to the backup role and seeing Chris Redman make a decent third QB. I'm not interested in carrying four QBs, and I'm not interested in cutting someone who could be a legit option a couple years down the road for Jeff Freakin' George. Sorry buddy: good luck catching on with another team.