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Who Should We Draft?

I'm renewing my clarion call for opinions here, as the SBNation draft looms over my head like a looming loom. My preference is of absolutely no secret to any of you; I've been advocating either freakishly athletic LaRon Landry or consistent Reggie Nelson to fill the supermassive black hole that has become our safety situation. To paraphrase the immortal RZA, Lawyer Milloy and Chris Crocker often do not appear capable of punching their way out of a wet paper bag with scissors in their hands when it comes to pass coverage. Either of those players would represent a staggering upgrade to one of our weakest positions. Now that we've got the #8 pick, though, people will argue that we should snap up a great defensive end, the potent Calvin Johnson, or even Adrian Peterson (note: I missed the part where we had a crappy running game last year).

So where do you all stand?