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Falcons Sign Redman

I can't tell you how excited I was to see that the Falcons signed Redman. Not only does he have a strong arm, he's also got a smooth flow and some above average lyrics. Courtesy of OHHLA:

My style is Milk of Magnesia
Clutch divide speeding bust
The more the merrier, secure the area
My la familia is ultimate superior
We dont  jack cars
We jack for aircraft carriers
~Lost Boyz & Redman, Beasts from the East

See? This is the kind of guy that can step in right away and help. As a matter of fact....


You say it's Chris Redman?


Well, that's not nearly as exciting. News is courtesy of the Official Site, of course. Chris Redman is exactly what Dave Ragone is without the extremely strong arm. He is familiar with Pet Rhino and his system, however, and he's not Doug Johnson. That's really all I can say for him at this point. I'm thinking he should battle it out with D.J. Shockley for the backup job, but more than likely it will be rewarded to him because he has experience. Another "meh" signing in an offseason full of them, but we did need a backup.

I just wish it was the other Redman.