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Courtesy of the Official Site:

Atlanta signed exclusive rights free agents (ERFAs) C Ben Claxton, P Michael Koenen and FB Corey McIntyre to their tender offers and inked free agent Aaron Elling, a fourth-year veteran who last performed for Baltimore during the 2006 preseason.

Always nice to get those ERFAs back. Claxton is the kind of guy who can be an average backup, but isn't likely to contribute anything real meaningful. He's struggled with injury and just getting his name in the rotation, so don't expect much from him next year. Koenen is that strong-legged lumberjack who was screwed up by splitting kicking and punting duties for the first few weeks (I admit, I thought it was a good idea at the time) and needs to rebound this year. He's an above average punter who provides the pop we need, though. McIntyre is just a depth guy at fullback in case Mughelli gets injured. So aside from Koenen....yawn.

Elling is the option I'm kind of interested about. He seems to represent a possible solid kicker. I don't know much about him other than that like most kickers, he's been bouncing around the league like a ping pong ball. But he's younger and might have a stronger leg than Andersen, so he's at the very least worth a look. Let's see what the Falcons get out of him.