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The Houston Texans Are A Comedy Of Errors

I think the only reason this hasn't shown up over at Battle Red Blog is because Scott and Tim are quite literally murdering the Texans brass right now. And my god, can you blame them? According to ESPN's Len Pasquarelli, the Texans just inked Schaub to a 6-year, $48 million deal. Never mind that it would be a healthy contract for a proven near-star quality QB; it's a blatantly absurd contract for an unproven backup QB.  I can't help but think that the Texans management actually has a death wish. They not only dealt a considerable bounty of picks to acquire a highly regarded but relatively untested quarterback, but then they turned around and gave him a giant deal. Short of signing Carr to a giant extension and having him fight Schaub to the death, I'm not really sure what they could do that would be more damaging to their image.

I'm more firmly convinced than ever that the Falcons have made out in this deal. Even if Schaub were to turn out to be the next Favre (unlikely), it's not the same situation--we let Favre go for like, nothing, and Schaub commanded three draft picks. I'll take that any day.