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Schaub is Outta Here: Good Deal

First, big ups to my man JasonB for posting the news up the diary section long before I was even out of work. I have to admit I hadn't even had time to look at my usual new sources before the following exchange at dinner:

Friend: Dude, you hear they traded Schaub for a 1st round pick and two 2nd rounders?
Me: Real funny. Don't frigg around about that.
Friend: No, dude. I'm serious.
Me: :-0

And so here I am. This is obviously a fantastic trade. If you don't think so, I'm really sorry, but you're overvaluing Schaub. We don't know what the kid can do, but a backup should never be traded by A) allowing the team you're trading with to move up two spots in the first round and B) giving them two years' worth of second round pick. We fleeced the everloving wool out of the Texans. They got a guy who has completed a little over half his passes in the NFL and thrown as many TDs (6) as interceptions. I can't stress enough what a boneheaded move this was for the Texans. Even if Schaub steps in right away and becomes a good QB for them, they're giving up an awful lot. I said before that all I wanted for Schaub was a first and third, but what we got was effectively quite a bit more than that.  The only thing I'm a little concerned about now is that the Falcons will turn around and get somebody like Anthony Wright for more than a year, impeding DJ Shockley's rise to backuphooddom.

But I really can't stress enough what a great deal this was for us. We'll keep an eye on Schaub and I wish him well, but the Falcons made the prudent move here. I think when the dust clears, it will also prove to be the better one.

ADDENDUM: Please, please be nice to Texans fans. The tone over at Battle Red Blog is of the pitchforks and torches variety, with just a dash of salty, salty tears. Poor bastards. I hope Schaub works out well for them.