Schaub traded to Texans

Adam Schefter reports.

The Falcons will get at least the Texans 2nd round pick and possibly more.

Update [2007-3-21 14:48:52 by BGN Jason]: The trade involves not one but two second-round picks, plus a swap of first-round picks in 2007! The Texans should be screaming rape...

The Falcons held the No. 10 pick in round one, and the Texans held the No. 8 pick. I think it's a good move. The Falcons weren't going to be able to hold on to Schaub much longer without having to pay him starter money. Since they obviously have no plans to start him, it only makes sense to get the best deal they can for him. This deal is unbelievable! The Vikings only got 1 2nd rounderfor a multiple time pro bowl starting QB in Daunte Culpepper...

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