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Joe Horn?

Looking at his loveable crew of misfit receivers, Rich McKay said to himself "Ouch. We suck." He knew that with a group of pass-catchers who couldn't hold Terrence Mathis' jock, much less Andre Rison's, he could be in some trouble. Knowing that, he decided to ardently pursue the one man he knew could save the Falcons receiving corps. He went on camel, he went on horseback, he went on dolphin. And when he arrived, he saw the vision of his savior:

Joe Freakin' Horn?!

Look, Joe Horn was once a very good wide receiver. He's now 35. He still might be a good receiver, but he's an injury risk and he's also hitting that age where many wide receivers simply stop being effective. I can understand some interest in him, I guess, but I suspect if he came to Atlanta he'd be expected to be a No.1 guy, unless by some bizarre chance the Falcons think Jenkins is The Man. So for the money I'm pretty sure he's going to cost compared to the upgrade he'd give us, I'm pretty sure I'd rather not look at Horn. Of course, if he turns out to be cheap and does spectacularly well, I reserve the right to change my opinion.