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The Tampa Bay Bucs Are Scaring the Hell Out of Me

Envision the Atlanta Falcons as a neighbor of the Lithuania. You are a historically unsuccessful military country, but you've made a few moves to improve that. Mostly depth, we'll say. A new tank design here, a couple of missiles here. You're awaiting the moment you can beat the piss out of countries that are less fortunate than you. You get wrapped up in your own little world while doing this, and suddenly you look up and there's Lithuania. They have tanks as big as friggin' skyscrapers, and quite a few nukes. You suddenly realize that you are more or less screwed.

That's stretching it pretty far, I know. But my point is that the Bucs just have not stopped signing people since free agency began. Heading over to Buc 'Em, we get to see "they might sign Charles Grant, they signed Cato June, they have like 25 new QBs". We can counter with Ovie Mughelli and Joe Horn, but I'm not ready to compare a fullback and a 35-year-old receiver to the sheer volume of visible upgrades the Bucs have made. The Bucs still might be pretty crappy next year, but I'm no longer counting on it.