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The No News Roundup

I haven't been around for the last few days because of that terrific combination of work and an absolute assload of snow and freezing rain that had me skiing to work, but I have returned. I have a couple of news items to bring you up on, so without further ado:

Derrick Hamilton is DHam: I received an e-mail from someone who knows Hamilton that he is A) going to be a great player for the Falcons and B) should be known as DHam. Honestly, I'm a sucker for nicknames of any kind, so I'm gladly granting B. A's a little tougher because it's impossible to gauge his potential because of injuries. I will say that if he manages to fill-in well and take over kick and punt returns, he'll automatically be worth it. If he can boot Roddy White down the depth chart, then I will proclaim him as a hero short only of Alge Crumpler. Time will tell if we should buy tickets on the DHam bandwagon, though.

SBNation Draft! It's time to unveil this baby. SBNation will be putting together our very own three round draft, and I'll be selecting for the Falcons. What I'd like from all of you are opinions on just who the hell we should be going after. I'm going to guard my thoughts until we get there, but I will tell you that it's either going to be a safety or a defensive end as things stand right now. So with the #10 pick in the whole damn draft, who would you go for?