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Falcons Sign Fonoti, Hamilton

The Falcons reached into their big bag of mediocre and came up with G Toniu Fonoti and WR Derrick Hamilton, according to the Official Page. Fonoti is the kind of hulking lineman the Falcons have been looking for, and should provide a solid option to replace Matt Lehr. I'm going to go ahead and take a wild guess that he ends up being the starter, even, because it seems like a pretty safe bet. Hamilton, on the other hand,  appears to be exactly the kind of dubby wide receiver we definitely needed more of. I can't see him cracking the rotation unless there's a series of crippling injuries, and he may not even crack the team as a special teams guy. But maybe I'm missing something. Anybody know something special about the guy?

Obviously these moves are depth-related again, and I can't fault the Falcons' approach to getting bang for the buck. I'm just puzzled by either the money or the actual signings when it comes to players like Hamilton, Horn, and Mughelli. But then, I'm not getting paid to make these decisions, or we'd probably end up with a lot different look (hint: receiver purge). Let's hope these prove to be the right decisions.