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To Receive or Not to Receive?

I'm fairly confident that our receiving corps, as it stands now, is going to shake out like this:

#1 Joe Horn
#2 Mike Jenkins
Slot Roddy White/ Brian Finneran
#1 Bench Brian Finneran/ Roddy White
May I Hold Your Towel? Adam Jennings

If you can look at that without ramming your head against the wall like a bull rhino, then you're doing better than me. As it stands, that receiving corps is decent and could probably actually post good numbers if our QB wasn't The Man Who Struggles To Read Receivers. What Petrino is promising is that the system is going to force Vick to pass more often and cut down on his runs, essentially forcing him to move through his checklist instead of taking off like a rabbit at the first sign of danger. He also went out and grabbed a receiver who indisputably has excellent hands.

The problem is that I don't really know if Vick can overcome his struggles and if everyone not named Joe Horn will be able to pull their weight. Jenkins was showing signs of improvement and probably will pull up his numbers, but White is a schlub, Finneran is coming off a big injury and Jennings is unproven. This is critical because the rushing game is probably going to take a small tick down this year, which makes the passing game more important. If they can't do it, get ready for either the greatest defensive season of any Falcons team or another 7-9 finish.