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Joe Horn Is DeAngelo Hall In Disguise

The reason for my title is because Joe Horn never shuts up, bless him. He talked to Terence Moore, he of the optimistic  fame, who believes that Joe Horn can save our asses in this upcoming season. Color me unconvinced, but I still think this is one of the better posts Moore's thrown up there in a while. The users in the comment section who are ridiculing Horn are missing a vital point, which is that he's still better than Jenkins and White. I hate to admit it as much as you do, but a healthy Horn is going to put up numbers that are better than either of our first-round busts. You may not like me calling them that, but really, they've got to prove something before I can take away that label, especially Roddy White. Until then, Terence Moore's right on one thing: Joe Horn is an improvement. Is he our savior?

No friggin' way, dude.