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Falcons Say "Yes, Fatties"

Over at the AJC, Steve Wyche laments a Falcons' line that suddenly doesn't look like it's going to take on a lot of weight. Petrino cut Lehr in the hopes of getting somebody who can take up several lanes of traffic, and is still chasing Edwin Mulitalo from Baltimore to fit that need. But other positions are either going to have to be filled by backups or the draft, because the Falcons have simply run out of money. That's what happens when you give a huge contract to a fullback, you geniuses.

That being said, I wouldn't mind seeing at least Clabo and Ojinnaka getting much harder looks coming into camp this season. They're a little stronger in terms of pure blocking, and even if they lack the nuances I think they can be coached. Lord knows Pet Rhino doesn't like what we have now.