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SBNation BlogTalk Radio

Tonight at 8 p.m. ET, SBNation readers will have a chance to check up on our network's first podcast. It'll be hosted by BigBlueShoe at Stampede Blue and TheSportsGuru at Mile High Report. They'll be tackling the big issues in the debut of the broadcast, including the extreme overspending action of NFL free agency. Look for Fooch from Niners Nation, Peter Bean from Burnt Orange Nation, and hopefully SkinPatrol from Hogs Haven.

Yours truly needs to practice making his voice less shrill and obnoxious (that's a joke) before heading on the show, but once we get into the swing of things I'm sure you'll hear me foaming at the mouth about Jason Webster. For now, follow the link at the bottom of this post and listen in to hear what should be a very entertaining debut for SBNation. Enjoy!

SBNation Podcast!