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T.J. Duckett is Fierce Lion

Former touchdown machine T.J. Duckett just signed a relatively cheap one year deal with the Detroit Lions, according to The idea of him inflating his value and trying to hit the market after next year strikes me as a little absurd, considering the Lions now have Duckett, Kevin Jones, and Tatum Bell. My colleague over at Pride of Detroit suggests that there may be some swapping action going on soon, which I think is the only way having three talented backs is possibly going to work itself out. It's clear that Duckett needs to prove he can do something after Washington inexplicably buried him for the entire year, but if he doesn't manage to maybe the Falcons can re-sign him on the cheap and get some production out of him.

Of course, he does hate us...but he doesn't hate a paycheck. Let's see how this unfolds.