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Alge Crumpler Meets the Dutch

Sorry, this post isn't nearly as exciting as the title would suggest it would be. I have in my hand a link from the Official Page with a brief writeup on Alge Crumpler and Chris, DeAngelo Hall. Frankly, they're both deserving nominees despite Hall's tendency to not shut the hell up. It's always good to have your team represented by two of your best players, and hell, there's no other way to describe Crumpler and Hall.

But what really caught my eye and made me want to write this was the little tidbit on the bottom. Morten Andersen, everyone's favorite T-Rex slappin' field goal kickin' record breakin' Dane was a color commentator for the Super Bowl...on Danish television. I don't want to take anything away from Andersen, who honestly seems like a terrific guy and someone who deeply appreciates his heritage, but that's hilarious. If anyone finds me a copy of the Danish television broadcast of the Super Bowl, I will post it here for all to enjoy. Think of it as community service, no?