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The Super Bowl and by Extension the Season Are Over

Well, I think it's fair to say that wasn't much of a season for Falcons' fans. We got built up, buttercup, but the team let us down after a 5-2 start. For a rough equivalent, you can compare us to this infamous  zeppelin. We may have even dedicated this season to it, hell, I don't know. But the Super Bowl is over and there's basically nothing happening from now until the draft hype and Mel Kiper's angry hair start dominating the news.

So where would I rank that Super Bowl? Glad you asked. Unfortunately, as happy as I guess I am for Peyton Manning (meh) and Tony Dungy (that's actually pretty cool) and as thrilled as I am that Rex Grossman defied even my weighty expectations, that wasn't a very fun game to watch. The opening kickoff was pretty mint. I have to give Devin Hester a lot of credit; the dude seems to have some sort of laser vision to go with his blazing speed. After that, though, the Bears played like crap. I'm not even sure where to pin the blame, frankly. Grossman's two comically inept fumbles in a row were classic, but as mediocre as he was, it certainly wasn't entirely his fault. The Bears just got outplayed, and thus the Colts get to bask in the glory for one year. Somewhere Dan Marino is sobbing and clutching his MVP trophies.

And let the record show that this is the second goddamn year in a row where the reffing sucked. I've never seen an official look more nervous and inept in my entire life, and it was impossible to tell whether he was that bad or trying to sabotage the entire game for everyone. Can we just get Ed Hochuli to do every Super Bowl game until he dies? Would that really be such a problem? Because next time a guy clearly has both feet in bounds and then gets called out by a guy who wasn't even near the damn play, I think it's likely he's going to get mauled to death by Phil Simms. Who also pronounces everybody's name as a girl's name, disturbingly enough.

Woo Super Bowl!