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Vick Calls The Shots

In the wake of the not so super Super Bowl, I bring you a story that made me pensive. If you go, you'll see that Petrino plans to allow Vick to call his own plays. This immediately comes across as a double-edged sword, because it allows for two things right off the bat:

1. Michael Vick, one of the league's most dynamic players, will get a chance to make radical changes at the line in much the same fashion as Peyton Manning, giving him a chance to hopefully pick out weaknesses in the coverage or give himself better blocking, and
2. If Vick screws up, the blame is nicely transferred to him and away from the coaching staff.

Frankly, there's no way Petrino can lose with this decision. Given Vick's sometimes questionable reads  during most of his career, there's a pretty good chance that he's going to screw this up, at least at first. For Petrino, the learning process is no big deal, as it gives him a chance to gently nudge the media toward his star quarterback. If Vick does exceptionally well, which I'll grant you is within the realm of possibility, then Petrino gets credit for letting him call his own plays. There's no way for him to lose, and so we just have to hope that the fans don't lose out here as Vick takes the time to call a carefully prepared audible that gets him snapped in half by a charging linebacker.

But hell, we could still have Greg Knapp!