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Three Strikes You're Out

By now you've heard that the NFL is considering a three-strikes policy and then a permanent ban for the player. This means if somebody named after a famous arcade game like "Frogger" were to get in trouble three times with the law, he could consider a new career in a bit less lucrative a field. A few of my colleagues think this is basically grandstanding by Goodell and Upshaw, and I can see where they're coming from. After the recent spate of crimes by people who should be by now learning to at least watch their step a little bit, the league needs to clean up its image pronto.

But another part of me says "sweet!" This would be the first remotely real effort to actually curb players doing stupid things, and adapting it so the crimes weren't, say, three traffic stops would make this a very viable option in my mind. A guy like "Frogger" has had enough run-ins to be kicked out of the league twice already, and in my mind that's probably what should happen. A guy will think twice before throwing away millions of dollars in paychecks to do something moronic; if he doesn't, it's time that somebody held them accountable. I should definitely stress that I'm only in favor of this for crimes that would merit it, and an appeal process will need to be put in place. I just think it could be a great idea if properly implemented.