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Confidence Is Good

By now you've heard that Petrino has the utmost confidence in our mercurial QB, but expects him to throw more:

During the staff's video study, they noticed that Vick was in more danger dropping back to pass. "What concerned me was the hits that he took when he was throwing the ball, in the pocket," Petrino said.

Petrino, a former quarterback, is a stickler for fundamentals.

"He needs to get more consistent with his footwork and set point," he said. "I think certainly you'll see him have a better year throwing the ball this year."

The fact that Petrino noticed that Vick actually does a worse job of holding on to the ball throwing than running speaks to his attention to detail. He actually needs lessons on how to hold on to the ball, period, as mentioned before. Petrino sounds like he's ready to come in and hold Vick accountable for his mistakes. That could be very helpful, if a bit of a rude awakening for Mr. Vick.  But Petrino's also right to say that Vick needs to be throwing more; of course, the team should probably get him more than one capable receiver before they ask him to do that. Unless Roddy White suddenly develops, I wouldn't mind seeing an early-to-mid round choice spent on a WR.