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Of Mock Drafts

I'm definitely way behind on a lot of this stuff; I apologize for that. But better late than never, I hope.

Now, I get the impression that a receiver is something the Falcons are very interested in taking. Call me crazy; maybe it's the fact that Oven Mitts and Dropsy sometimes don't seem to have enough skills to even pay the phone bill. In that spirit Don Banks of forecasts that the team's going to reach a little bit to grab Dwayne Jarrett. Obviously, the dude's a talented receiver with size and speed, and I don't think it's unfair to say he'd probably provide an immediate boost. On the other hand, if he somehow turned out to be not very good, we've sunk way too many draft picks into mediocre receivers. But that's one man's opinion, and I think it's probably pretty likely that Jarrett ends up in a Falcons uniform if he's still available (the Lions do pick second, after all).

Over at Huddle Geeks they've got the Falcons taking DE Jammal Anderson. Ignoring the striking resemblance to another name from the team's past, I'm not looking at this as a likely choice. It would be one thing if we knew Kerney was leaving, but there's also some doubt in my mind as to whether or not Anderson  would even be there when the Falcons come up to bat. Otherwise, we'd be better served looking to receiver, offensive line, or secondary. If he's there and the Falcons have no hope of getting Kerney back....well, color me interested.

NFL  Draft Countdown has what I think may be the most surprising and intriguing choice: S Reggie Nelson of Florida. I honestly thought Chris Crocker provided some solid safety work last year, but his coverage skills are clearly going to be a liability against elite tight ends or good receivers. If what they say about Nelson is true, he's got the ability to play safety or corner and has an excellent eye for the ball. Far be it from me to deny that we need help in the secondary, and with Hall and Jimmy Williams maybe a safety selection would be for the best. I'd still like to see them pick up some CB depth later in the draft if they went this route, but I think there'd be some headscratching if this cat was selected before say, Jarrett.

So that's a few thoughts on the draft for now. I'll keep scouring and see what else I can come up with. Which one of these three do you like best?