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Late Thoughts on the Pro Bowl

As usual, the league's exhibition of stars might as well have been played in a pool with rubber floaties on for all the competitive spirit that was displayed. I don't blame the league for having the Pro Bowl, of course; every other league all over creation has something similar. The problem is that it not only doesn't mean anything, but it's an absolute joke of a game. They should just name guys to the squad and leave it at that, but the NFL needs mas dinero and won't be stopping it. So in keeping with the make-believe spirit of the game, I'll pretend I give a crap what our two players did during the game.

DeAngelo Hall actually finished up with the most tackles on the NFC squad, although he didn't show quite the gung-ho, punter killing spirit of Sean Taylor. I guess I was just looking for an excuse to put that clip in. Alge Crumpler had a couple of grabs for fifty yards, and so both Falcons did reasonably well in the Pro Bowl. Whoopee!