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Chris Redman Flies Into The Danger Zone

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Forgive the Kenny Loggins reference, but it seemed appropriate for our favorite ex-insurance salesman. Steve Wyche is right; this is an absolutely incredible story. He had gone from a possible NFL career to floating through the Arena Football League and the awkward business of selling insurance door-to-door. To be back in the NFL after that is a pretty cool thing, Petrinotism aside.

It's also terrifying. When a team averages around 14 points a game, you make whatever changes you need to. At this point, Petrino could put Jamaal Anderson in at wide receiver and I'd probably spend 500 words saying it was worth a shot. Still, it's amazing to me that Vick screwed up, Shockley got hurt, Harrington staggered his way through several starts and Leftwich made me want to pound a fence post through my own foot. It's almost impossible to believe that the team's fourth or fifth choice to start this year is actually going to take the field at the beginning of Monday night's game.

There's a lot of talk about keeping Redman around and jettisoning Harrington and Leftwich in the offseason, but it's way too premature for that in my view. Harrington's body of work suggests he could be a very capable tutor for Brohm/Ryan/Andre the Giant/whoever, though I wouldn't want him to start most of the year. Chris Redman will have to prove something on the field before he buys his way into the backup job. I sure hope he does, but I couldn't even begin to predict whether a guy with a small body of work and a semi-noodly arm is up to the challenge.

With a secondary that's not terrific, the Saints don't present the biggest first challenge. As Sunil of Canal Street Chronicles notes, we got torn apart by the New Orleans front seven. I sure hope Redman's quicker release can save him, because I'm guessing the offensive line isn't going to. I'm predicting a 15/27, 180 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT performance, which I'd wager is a pretty optimistic one.

Good luck out there, Chris.