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Stating The Obvious

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As you've likely noted, I've been scarce around here recently. Lest my loyal readers think I've quit on our beloved yet bedraggled squad, I'd like to take a very brief post to explain.

For you see, I am joining the world of married men in early January. Planning the whole thing in a compressed time frame has gotten more and more difficult, so I'm afraid posting is going to lean toward sporadic for a bit longer. After the whole shebang and the honeymoon, I'll be back in business as usual. Until then, I'm going to try hard to lock down what should be a very weird game against the Seahawks, and I'll try to prep some posts to go up while I'm away.

In the meantime, I encourage you guys to do what you do well naturally: comment. Use the diaries, use the comments and discuss Falcon football. You've all got quality opinions, and this is a team that's bound to change drastically in the offseason. As per a suggestion from Hamburger, I'll be handing out grades for each position once the season finally wraps up. Until then, hang tight.

And please, don't tell me your wedding horror stories. I ain't got the stomach for it.