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Some Meandering Petrino Thoughts

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Oh, the fun details.

I honestly can't believe that Petrino called in his resignation. To put this in some context, I quit at least four retail jobs in my high school to early college days. I went in to work every time and told my bosses face to face. Not once did I call in.

That's right, Bobby: you've been trumped in the decency department by a guy who once sold bikes at Toys 'R Us. Your move, jackass.

Interestingly enough, there's an eerily similar history here. Lou Holtz coached the Jets to a 3-10 record before bolting to....Arkansas. Of course, in 1976 there was one game left on the schedule and not three, so it's only a semi-valid comparison. Still, kind of eerie.

As Hamburger noted, DeAngelo Hall is not doing jumping jacks over this. To wit:

"We felt like Petrino was going to be around for the long haul, like he had as much invested in this as we did," he said, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "For him to jump ship is disheartening. Arthur Blank and the city of Atlanta, they deserve to win and we thought Petrino was going to be the guy to help us get there. He was a winner and wasn't used to losing.

"Maybe he didn't feel he could win at this level. I disagree with that. If he doesn't want to be a part of it, fine. We'll move on and get better and we will win games without him."

Ignoring the obvious hypocrisy here, D-Hall has summed up my feelings about as perfectly as anyone could. I'm well aware that I've gone from supporting Petrino and excoriating D-Hall to the other way around, and I also don't really care. If D-Hall is more inclined to come back because Petrino's gone, there's another good reason to say good riddance.

 Figured I'd wrap up this largely useless post by throwing out a couple of the names I've heard mentioned for a head coaching vacancy.

Jason Garrett: The Cowboy coordinator (yee-haw!) is young, bright and seems to not be some sort of alien coaching robot with an unalterable code. Whenever I pleaded with Petrino to run Norwood more, I could picture him replying "I can't do that, Dave" in a dull monotone. Garrett seems to answer most of those concerns immediately, but he won't come cheap. There's also the Jim Mora Jr. stigma to overcome there.

Bill Cowher: Old Ironjaw is the kind of hardass, rough and tumble, mean old son of a bitch who would work well with this team. I heard Charlie Batch complained about his playing time and Cowher ate his soul! For what it's worth. He will be extremely expensive, especially because he's not likely to want to return to one of the most pathetic teams in the NFL.

Mike Zimmer: Why not the homegrown coordinator? Seems like a very bright guy, defensively minded, and with the right coaching staff around him he might excel. The Mora concerns again rear their ugly heads, though.

Dave the Falconer: Devilishly handsome, a rapier wit and a man who has posted undefeated seasons in Tecmo Super Bowl five times. Would instantly restore legitimacy to a team desperately seeking it. Of course, he'd whine about his players constantly, hug Alge Crumpler for uncomfortably long periods of time and show up to every game drunker than Belfast. Still, seems like a good choice to me.

 Well, I'm not completely done yet. Again, I want to express how blessed I feel to have readers who give a crap about this. As much as I normally wouldn't want it, your pity is much appreciated at the moment. Be sure to send some positive wishes toward teams like the Dolphins and Rams who have been pretty brutally unfortunate, as well as tragedy-suffering teams such as the Redskins or Bills. We're all fans of different teams, but we're football fans first. I'm just glad to see it in action.