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Dunn Doesn't Need No Stinkin' Backup

After finally notching 100 yards, Warrick Dunn is showing some good ol' fashioned swagger. Courtesy of the AJC:

Starter Warrick Dunn is not worried about who's behind him because he said he proved last week, when he gained 100 yards on 27 carries in a 20-16 victory over San Francisco, that the more he's worked, the more productive he is -- so feed him the rock.

"Any back would say yes" to more carries, Dunn said. "I'm no different. If that happens you can be patient, take chances instead of running on and off the field, when you try to get the most out of that carry. When you're getting consistent carries you take more chances to make thing happen."

Alright, I'm going to call shenanigans on that one. Bobby Petrino has done nothing but feed Warrick the ball this year. I certainly think the running game looked much better last week, but I'm not ready to say that 25+ carries for Dunn is going to keep that pace going. I'm not enamored with the Niners' run defense in the first place.

If Norwood really is limited or out altogether, the coaching staff has to exercise some common sense. Even if Dunn is playing some spectacular football against the Panthers, Pinner has to get a few carries so he doesn't wear down and the Falcons put some fresh looks out there. There's nothing Pet Rhino loves more than goring the defense with the running game, and with the way the passing game has come together it's understandable.

Yet no matter what Warrick Dunn is saying, I'd rather he didn't sniff 30 carries unless it's absolutely necessary. I'd like to see him carry over that sweet, sweet momentum, but the team's interest--so rarely served this season--must come first.