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The Mouth Of The NFC South

What my fellow SBN bloggers around the fiery pit of mediocrity are saying:

Canal Street Chronicles on Reggie Bush:

The net of this exercise, I believe, indicates that Reggie can be a fine offensive player, even when forced into a featured role. In fact, when given more opportunities to touch the ball, Reggie's numbers look all the more impressive.

A nice statistical exercise by Sunil at CSC, but I want to see more out of Bush before I consider him a success. I know he's a real weapon in the passing game, but overall he's only averaging 3.7 yards on the ground in his young career. Those are the kind of numbers that make me grumble about our backs. He's still got plenty of time to turn into an elite player, but right now he's just an overhyped talent who can't hold up this guy's jock.

Cat Scratch Reader examines David Carr:

He runs into the rush sometimes rather than away from it. One last point, he didn't throw the deep ball with any look of concentration or confidence. He just seems to be chucking it. Once he loses confidence the rest of the team won't be far behind (if they aren't there already).

But he makes a lovely apple cheesecake! Panthers fans clearly don't deserve to suffer the same ravages of Carr that Texans fans have put up with over the last several years, so mercifully the football gods put a big ol' invisible hammer to his noggin. Personally I'd rather see Carr playing against the Falcons than Matt Moore, just because Moore could potentially put together a solid little game. Carr seems wonderfully unlikely to do so, but he'll likely be watching the game from the bench.

Buc 'Em on his recent move:

If you're a regular to Buc 'Em, you know that I havent been posting as much lately. I along with my fiance recently purchased a house (last wednesday), so its been crazy with the negotiating, signing papers, and moving our belongings process. Saturday the Comcast Guy (Hooray) is coming out to turn on the high-speed internet!!!! I hope to be fully operational by monday.

Given that it's Tuesday and one of my favorite rivals hasn't posted yet, there's a good chance he's been devoured by gators. After watching the string of injuries his team has suffered this year, he's probably better off for it.

And finally, for kicks and giggles, here's what a Niners Nation reader was saying before the game about the Falcons:

Probably the worst team in the NFL now.  Easy win.

What does that make the 49ers now, exactly?