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The Wednesday Night News Platter


I opened up this D. Orlando Ledbetter article because the headline teased me into thinking Joe Horn was coming back as a new receiver, full of brimstone and fire and spunk and gosh darn it, gumption. Instead, I find out he's wearing white pants to practice. And starting over L-Rob.

Way to flush some cash down the drain, Falcons.

Jason Snelling has now formally assumed the role of short yardage back. If Petrino was so resistant to using Pinner for the same role, why was Snelling left to rot for so long? Anybody? Bueller?

I'm very happy for Snelling, though. He provides the power we need and could be in line for bigger things next year if he puts on a clinic the next few weeks. I'm looking for him to average about 3 yards a carry. Keep in mind that he shouldn't ever have to run longer than 3 yards to get to the first down, and that's pretty damn good.

 The Falcons are talking to Boley in what amounts to the single most sensible thing they have done this entire season. Boley is a terrible man-eating monster with dragons for eyes and nuclear arms for toes on the field, but as Hamburger noted he appears to be a genuinely nice dude and good father off the field.  If the Falcons only manage to extend one guy on defense, Boley needs to be the one.

I hate to just throw something out there that has nothing to do with the Falcons, but I've already been doing it all week. If you are a fan of football or have ever wondered what happened to Bo Jackson, you owe it to yourself to read Michael Weinreb's piece on One of the most well-written and interesting things that's been up there for a very, very long time.

Also, I have to commend Hogs Haven, our SBNation Redskins blog, on some heartfelt and very well done coverage of Sean Taylor's untimely death. It's a terrible thing for any group of fans to have to go through, but Skin Patrol has been remarkably sensitive and restrained given the tendency of the media to dwell on Taylor's criminal past. Give it a read if you're thinking about Sean today.

Thoughts on the upcoming Rams game?