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D. Orlando Ledbetter's Top 10 Free Agents

Let's starting moving past my last post, which has done little more than leave a bitter taste in my mouth. Allow me, if you will, to do the job I'm (not) paid for. With this season grimly spiraling down the drain like, I dunno, water, the AJC's D. Orlando Ledbetter is getting ahead of the game and checking out next year's free agents; you can find his article here.

It's a pretty compelling list. Because there's no way we can get all ten, I'm targeting the three from his list that I'd be most interested in.

#1- Michael Turner: A big, powerful back who has done nothing as LT's backup except prove that he should be starting for almost any team not named the Chargers. Pet Rhino covets power backs and Turner seems to block and catch well enough to fit the bill. A 1-2-3 punch of Turner, Norwood and Snelling would be great, but Dunn probably won't be gone and Pet Rhino would refuse to run Norwood and Snelling anyways. Still, he's a very intriguing player that fits the system well.

#2- Ryan Lilja: Who the hell is Ryan Lilja, you say? A slightly undersized guard who plays extremely well against the run and is an above average pass blocker. Ledbetter notes that Lilja keeps Manning out of trouble, but I'm more interested in his ability to give the running game a shot in the arm. Forney has been valuable in the past but has been injury-prone as of late, and I think a Blalock-Lilja tandem at guard would be pretty beautiful.

#3- Randy Moss: The danger with Moss would be his tendency to basically give up when the team isn't winning. Gauging the overall offensive talent level, this is a very bad concern indeed. Nonetheless, he's having a superb year for the Patriots and would instantly turn our receiving corps into a good unit. Imagine Moss, White and L-Rob lining up in three-receiver sets. Then imagine Steve Young coming out of retirement, going back in time 15 years and playing behind an offensive line made of stone golems.

....What? I'm being totally realistic here.

Which three would you guys pick?